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Kneipp treatment

Pastor Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) developed the holistic therapy named after him which tries to harmonize body, mind and psyche by activating the self-healing powers of the body.

The classic Kneipp therapy includes targeted applications of differently tempered water in the form of baths, castings, vapors and wraps. She relies on the 5 elements of Kneipp therapy:

  1. Hydrotherapy is a highly advanced, individually tailored to the needs of the individual water treatment. The water causes the organism by thermal or mechanical stimuli to meaningful reactions, which lead to overall positive regulation of all body functions.
  2. The active and passive movement therapy includes everything that is good: general gymnastics, physiotherapy, hiking, cycling, swimming ... and massages in various forms, thereby promoting muscle and bone development
  3. A balanced and versatile nutritional therapy takes into account the use and preparation of fresh and varied natural products in the sense of a natural full-value mixed diet.
  4. Phyto- or plant therapy uses critically tested herbal remedies. These come as a bath additive, hay flower pads, ointments or teas for use.
  5. Regulation therapy includes psychosomatic, ecological and sociological contexts. A regulated life rhythm is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Kneipp: The order is okay. Every excess and every little thing puts sickness in the place of health.





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